“As a hijabi Palestinian Muslim teenage girl, there are many stereotypes imposed on me that couldn’t be further from the truth.” Iman, 18, Dubai, WADUP producer

WADUP is a storytelling platform run by teens and creative producers. We work with teens across the globe to produce their own podcast episodes and encourage other teens to speak.



WADUP’s first podcast season is being co-produced by teens from Romania, Israel, Hungary, The UK, Ghana, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

We work with WADUP producers using phone recorders or the technology that’s available to them.

WADUP producers are connected through story cells. WADUP story cells  facilitated chat groups where WADUP producers get international peer support throughout the production process. We use WhatsApp groups to work with teens because it is the most ubiquitous messaging and voice recording app in the world, with over 1.5 billion users and available in over 180 countries. There is no longer a good technological reason why we can’t produce stories with people almost anywhere.

Alongside the WhatsApp peer story cells every WADUP teen producer is paired with an experienced audio producer from the WADUP team who provides consistent support in weekly online production meetings throughout the programme.  


We believe that to work with teens authentically WADUP must also be co-run by teens.

  1. WE’RE SAFE – We set up safe digital spaces to creatively support and and connect up WADUP producers living in different countries

  2. WE FLEX TECH – We work with WADUP producers using the tech they have access to

  3. WE LISTEN – Teens have the last say in our production process

  4. WE BRIDGE PEOPLE – We make podcasts to bridge people, ideas and generations